7 Reasons For Tattoo Removal

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a symbol of importance or done out of
spontaneity, the fact of the matter is that a few years down the road some may regret their tattoo
choice. Your tattoo may have outlived its use, relevance, and/or ability to give you the confidence you
once had. One way or another, for you it may be time for a tattoo removal. Here are a few common
reasons individuals go in for the removal process.

1. What name?
It was cool to get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body when you were younger or in a
relationship, but now you’re quite a bit older, established, and maybe even in a relationship with
someone new. It’s not uncommon to want to stop into a facility that offers laser removal.

2. Changing careers
While some workplaces are easy going when it comes to tattoos, some may be tightening up their
policies. Depending upon where your tattoo is placed, if you really want that job, it may be best to get
that tattoo removed.

3. Joining the military
If you have a tattoo and are planning on joining the military sometime soon, it might be a good idea to
re-evaluate your current ink situation. While having a tattoo is not prohibited when entering the military,
any pre-existing tattoo is subject to scrutiny by the military, and must be approved before you may

4. The ink is fading
Another problem that can arise with tattoos is the issue of fading. While it’s normal for tattoos to fade
over the years, areas that are often exposed to the sun and outdoors for long periods of time may fade
more quickly. If you work with a tattoo artist who applies it correctly and uses the right type of ink, your
color should not fade drastically.

5. Bad choice
Remember that tattoo of your favorite heavy-metal band you got when you were 19? Well, you’re in
your mid-thirties now and married with a few kids. You’re ready to get rid of it, aren’t you? Other issues
that can arise may include working with an amateur artist or dealing with misspelled words. The list
could go on, but the bottom line is a bad tattoo choice is a common reason for individuals wanting to
remove a tattoo.

6. You just don’t like it anymore
For a majority of the population, falling out of love with their tattoo isn’t definable. It’s not that you may
hate the image or the idea of the tattoo, you might just honestly not want it anymore. A tattoo is a big
commitment. However, with the option of tattoo removal, you can say goodbye to that tattoo you’ve
been ready to get rid of for years.

7. It’s time for something new
If you already have a tattoo in a spot where you’d like a new one, you now have the opportunity to make
that happen. Laser tattoo removal doesn’t stop you from re-tattooing the same area. If you just recently
got inked, though, it’s smart to wait a little bit before tattooing over the spot.

It’s 2018 and tattoos are no longer permanent. With the help of tattoo removal technology, you now
have the ability to completely remove and/or recreate the tattoo of which you are no longer a fan. At
Muskegon Surgical Associates (MSA), we support you in your decision on tattoo removal. We are proud
to announce our new tattoo laser removal machine made by Astanza . We look forward to making the
removal process much easier for you, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin again. To
learn more about our services, visit the MSA website or contact us at (231) 739-1933.