skin care treatments

The aging process, exposure to harsh weather, stress and lack of sleep, can all take its toll on your skin, leaving it dull, damaged, and wrinkled. However, you don’t have to just grin and bear it, nor do you have to go as far as having a surgical procedure in order to have smoother, younger, healthier looking skin. Oftentimes, non-surgical skin treatments are all you need to erase fine lines, wrinkles and patches left behind by the sun’s damaging rays. Here is a look at different treatment options that can refresh your skin and defy Mother Nature:

Laser Skin Resurfacing –  this two-part procedure uses laser technology to remove the outer surface layer of damaged skin cells so they can be replaced by the new, fresh layer of skin beneath. The skin is then treated microscopically to stimulate the production of collagen. As the renewal of collagen continues, wrinkles, sun spots, and scars become less noticable, and the texture of your skin improves.

Broad Band Light Therapy – BBL uses pulses of light to treat and eliminate skin imperfections, including brown spots, redness and small blood vessels.

Injections There are a variety of injections that can help reduce signs of age, damaged skin, and even scars, depending on your needs. Fillers are gel injections that fill in creases, wrinkles and lines. MSA has a variety of fillers available, including Restylane, Radiesse and Juvederm. Botox and Dysport, on the other hand, differ from fillers in that they are injections used to relax the muscles causing the lines and wrinkles in your skin. This, just as with all of these treatments, results in  a healthier and younger looking appearance.

The bottom line is, just because you grow old, doesn’t mean you have to look it!

And it doesn’t mean you have to get a full-fledged facelift either. Contact MSA plastic surgery to schedule a consultation. We can discuss all your options and help determine which is best for you.