While the bones in your hand are tiny, there’s no denying that they can hurt a whole lot if injured! There’s little time to waste when treating a fractured hand if you want it to heal correctly. Here’s the proper treatment for a hand fracture and how to know when surgery is needed.

Signs and Diagnosis

If you’ve recently experienced reduced range of motion, swelling, pain, or difficulty bending your hand properly, you may have a hand fracture. If everything is aligned correctly, you may be able to get away with just a cast or splint. But if there’s a misalignment in the joints, meaning things aren’t bending the way they’re supposed to, then you may require surgery.

If you suspect you have a hand fracture, contact your doctor immediately for an official diagnosis. An expert opinion is needed to ensure your body heals correctly.


When a fracture requires surgery, a surgeon can use pins, plates or screws to secure the broken pieces together. Some of these implants are left by the surgeon permanently, while others will be removed after some time. Talk to your doctor about what options are available.

In some cases, the bone may be beyond repair. In this situation, the surgeon may consider bone grafting. This procedure can be done with both natural materials, such as a donated bone or a bone from your own body, and synthetic substances. The replacement bone will then be inserted during surgery to repair the area.


After surgery, you will most likely need to leave a cast on the injured hand for up to six weeks. Follow-up appointments will be necessary to take x-rays and check up on the progress of the hand.

The main concern with any process is making sure all joints heal correctly. If left untreated, you may find that mobility continues to decrease or that joint stiffness becomes more common. To prevent any permanent damage, certain hand exercises are recommended to restore strength and motion. Our hand therapist right here at MSA can help you work through any post-surgical issues.

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