In need of hand surgery? Finding the right hand surgeon isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. For the fine joints and bones in the hand, it’s best to consult with a specialist to ensure you get the highest quality care. Learn what to look for in a hand surgeon.

Understand a Surgeon vs. a Specialist
While general surgeons are qualified to do a wide variety of procedures, a specialist is a surgeon who focuses on a particular set or certain singular type of surgery. Specialists have experience and expertise in their chosen area. So when you are in need of hand surgery, ask about the hand specialists in your area.

As one would expect, a hand surgeon should be certified in their area of expertise beyond having an MD. When consulting with potential surgeons, ask them about their credentials as well as their experience with the procedure you need. You will feel more comfortable and confident with a professional who is familiar with your situation and has done the procedure on a regular basis. 

Ask About Your Options
If possible, see if you can get an all-in-one experience. Checking in with your hand surgeon, then driving to another town for your hand therapy is a hassle. There is a board-certified hand surgeon, plus the only certified hand therapist locally right here at MSA. We have hand surgery and therapy services locally to serve the Muskegon, Grand Haven and Spring Lake area so you never have to travel far.

Check Your Insurance
Remember to check with your insurance company to see which surgeons are covered. You can normally check online to see who is covered in your area.

If you need surgery, make sure you’re in good hands. MSA has a specialized hand surgeon and hand therapist to ensure you receive the best care. Contact our hand center for a consultation with our specialists.