Tennis Elbow Prevention Tips

Repetitive motions in the elbow or wrists can result in a painful condition known as
tennis elbow. Not limited to athletes, anyone who’s occupation or hobbies involve23411970 m - Tennis Elbow Prevention Tips
repetitive arm motions like painters, chefs or plumbers can overload the tendons surrounding the elbow and into the forearm. This causes pain that radiates from the elbow down to the forearm and wrist which can make it difficult for patients to hold items, turn a doorknob or use fine motor skills.

If you have suffered from tennis elbow before, you may be at risk for recurring injury. While painful, tennis elbow is preventable and treatable. To prevent tennis elbow, keep the following precautions in mind.


For our health, we need to ensure that we not only exercise and use our muscles,
but use them properly as well. When performing repetitive arm motions, like cutting
meat or using a screwdriver, remember to use the correct technique. Incorporate
your shoulder and upper arm into these movements to take the strain off of your
elbow. Avoid a tight grip on tools and opt of a comfortable, paddled handle when
using equipment. When possible, keep your wrist straight and stick to smooth
movements over sudden jerky ones. Lastly, if you do participate in sports, talk to
your coach about your form.

Preventative Measures

If you find yourself using the same arm movements over and over, remember to take
breaks throughout the day. Keep muscles warm and loose by gently stretching your
forearms, wrists and hands before and after work to relieve any tension. If you have
suffered from tennis elbow in the past or believe you are at a high risk, wear a tennis
elbow support brace as a precaution. Anti-inflammatory medicine, like Motrin, can help with mild irritation.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Especially to those vulnerable to tennis elbow, hand and wrist exercises can help
strengthen your arm muscles to prevent an injury from occurring. For more
personalized prevention, our hand specialist can help you find specific exercises to
help you with your condition.

If you are currently suffering from tennis elbow, our MSA hand specialist can
prescribe treatment, exercises and the right plan to help you recover. Frequently injections can help to alleviate symptoms. Contact us to learn more.