What is Hand Therapy?

23411970 m - What is Hand Therapy?A common misconception of hand therapy is that treatment only works on the hands.
On the contrary, hand therapy allows a certified hand therapist to provide care for the
shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, or hands. These specialists can treat
post-operate conditions or chronic injuries such as tennis elbow or arthritis. MSA’s
Hand Center is a certified therapy center in West Michigan. Our experience and
unique practices make us qualified and capable to repair your arms to their full range
of motion.

Who Needs Hand Therapy?

Typically, most patients utilize hand therapy to recover after surgery. However, hand
therapy is beneficial to a variety of patients of all age groups. Anyone who notices
chronic hand or arm pain can benefit from occupational therapy. The number of fine joints
and muscles in our hands and arms can make certain injuries common. Patients who
experience a number of conditions may qualify for hand therapy:
● Carpal tunnel syndrome
● Arthritis
● Tendon injuries
● Hand fractures
● Nerve Injuries
● Sports injuries

Our Method

When you come to MSA for hand therapy, you are not only working with certified
occupational therapists or a board certified hand surgeon. You work with both. Your hand surgeon
works in conjunction with your therapist to ensure quality level treatment.


We offer access to board-certified providers, meaning they have trained under
professional hand therapists and have taken the necessary exams to become
certified themselves. In 2019, the Hand Therapy Center treated nearly 3,700 cases.


For best results, a combination of both occupational therapy and medical treatments are used at
our Hand Therapy Center. Medical treatments include ultrasound, laser treatments, or electronic
stimulation. These tools help relax muscles and joints, break up scar tissue, and
reduce swelling. Then, your certified hand therapist can walk you through a
variety of strengthening exercises to practice both at the center and at home. These
therapeutic activities aid neuromuscular re-education, or the process of teaching
your body to move without pain.

The MSA Hand Center is now open for in-house visits and consultations. To
schedule an appointment, contact our office at 231-739-1933. To learn
more about our Hand Center, view more information on our website . Through
expert-level treatment, we make sure you are in good hands.


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