Why Your Plastic Surgeon Needs to be Board Certified.

There is a lot of talk about different types of cosmetic procedures and which one is
best. However, more needs to be said about who is performing your surgery. Most
patients say they don’t want to work with a rookie. Patients want qualified
professionals that can manage a surgery with 100% confidence.

That’s why we need to talk about board certification.

Titles Matter

It is legal in the United States for any licensed medical doctor to call themselves a
plastic surgeon. Regardless of training, or whether or not they have performed
surgery, these physicians can call themselves plastic surgeons on their websites and
business cards. This type of misinformation can be dangerous to the average
patient. It would be like asking a pop singer to play the accordion. Both are
musicians, but each type of music is an entirely different skill set.

Board-certified plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic
Surgery, an organization monitored by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
These specialists set the national standard of plastic surgery and ensure all
board-certified surgeons are qualified individuals.


In order to become a board-certified plastic surgeon, providers must complete an
approved residency in plastic surgery followed by a written and oral examination.
Residency is the hands-on training medical students receive after graduating from
medical school. For six years, two years of general surgery training followed by four
years of plastic surgery, residents work under a certified surgeon to learn everything
in the trade. After a completed residency, a surgeon may apply to take the
examination for certification. So when you work with a board-certified surgeon, you
can trust that your doctor knows what they’re doing.

All plastic surgeons at MSA are certified by either the American Board of Plastic Surgeons or the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery.
All MSA plastic surgeons are reliable, responsible, and awesome people ready to
walk you through your next procedure. When getting the body you deserve, make
sure you’re in capable hands. Learn more about our surgeons or contact MSA
by calling us at 231.739.1933.

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