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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Create a better look, or for easier covering of tattoo.



The Astanza Trinity


Muskegon Surgical Associates uses the latest state-of-the-art laser technology on the market. Our investment in the Astanza Trinity laser is a testament to the dedication we have for our patients’ results. The Astanza Trinity laser is the most powerful triple-wavelength laser in the tattoo removal industry and is widely trusted by leading tattoo removal practitioners and physicians worldwide.


The Astanza Trinity is a combination system that features two stand alone technologies, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and a Q-switched Ruby laser. Together, these systems create the Trinity and emit a total of three versatile wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm. The more wavelengths a laser has, the more colors it is able to treat. Each wavelength of light energy is selectively absorbed by a specific group of ink colors. Laser tattoo removal is only successful when a tattoo pigment particle absorbs light energy. If the wrong wavelength is used, then the pigment particle will reflect the light energy and remain trapped in the skin. Here is a breakdown of the colors each of Trinity’s wavelengths targets:

  • 1064 nm: black, brown, and dark blue inks
  • 532 nm: red, orange, yellow, and violet inks
  • 694 nm: vivid blue, turquoise, teal, and bright green inks


Many clinics only support two wavelengths and are limited to the number of tattoo colors they can treat, namely black and red inks. Our Astanza Trinity’s 694 nm ruby wavelength specifically targets resistant blue and green shades that are considered untreatable with traditional dual-wavelength lasers.


Furthermore, our Astanza Trinity produces ultra-quick pulse durations and higher pulse energies for greater peak power and optimal ink shattering. Clinics that use dye handpieces to generate more wavelengths are actually cutting down their pulse energy, making it difficult to shatter any ink.


Our Astanza Trinity is specially designed to eliminate more ink with each treatment and deliver faster results. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology and our expert Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Muskegon Surgical Associates provides unmatched results throughout the Greater Muskegon area, Holland, Grand Haven, and beyond.

The Zimmer Cryo


Laser tattoo removal is a highly tolerable and very fast procedure. However, some patients are still concerned about the laser’s sensation. At Muskegon Surgical Associates, our main priority is the comfort of our patients. That is why we have invested in the ultimate skin chiller, the Zimmer Cryo.


The Zimmer Cryo cooling machine is a noninvasive cooling device that uses freezing cold air to numb the skin. Similar to an air conditioner, the Cryo uses a hose and different levels of air pressure at a temperature of -30ºC to effectively and safely numb the skin. It only takes a few minutes to completely numb the skin and prepare it for treatment. For smaller tattoos or tattoos that only need a specific portion removed, the Zimmer Cryo features a precision tip for more accurate targeting.


The best attribute about the Zimmer Cryo cooling device is its ability to numb the skin during treatment. Unlike ice packs and topical creams that wear off quickly and can only be applied before and after treatment, the Zimmer Cryo’s simple design allows for maximum comfort before, during, and after treatment. Muskegon Surgical Associates patients can even hold and direct the hose for more control over their skin’s comfort.


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