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Migraine headaches affect up to 35 million people in the US every year, with a lifetime risk as high as 43% for women and 18% fo men.  Migraines can be a debilitating condition that interfere with many aspects of life.

There are several migraine trigger sites in the head and neck that correspond with associated sensory nerves.  The frontal, temporal, and occipital areas are common trigger points that may be compressed by muscle, fascia, or corresponding blood vessels.

Surgical intervention or Botox injections at these common trigger sites can be effective in patients with migraine headaches that have failed medical therapy.

Candidates for migraine headache surgery must have failed 2 – 3 separate classes of medications, each trial lasting at least two months.  Migraines must occur at least 15 days per month, lasting 4 hours per episode. It is necessary to have a migraine headache diary to help identify and track symptoms.

Botox is approved to aid in diagnosis and treatment of there specific trigger points for migraine headaches. Eligibility for insurance coverage varies by carrier but the indications are similar to surgical treatment of migraines.

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